Shopping Addicts

It is no secret around here¬†that I have a shopping addiction. There are worse addictions but when money is tight, this addiction can cause much strife. This need/compulsion to purchase something…anything…produces a high very similar to taking a drag of a cigarette after dinner. (I know this because I am a recovering smoker…2-1/2 years strong!!)

Anyway, back to shopping. I have been learning, be it the hard way, to deny this need. Some days the pull is strong and I do succumb – I’m not perfect after all ūüôā Continue reading Shopping Addicts

Hello world!

Well, this is me writing to you. Or maybe just myself.¬†I’m finding it very therapeutic. I have much to say and time to say it.

Words locked away – begging for an escape – making appearances during Christmas letters and published works during my college years. ¬†I was an older than average student and I have say I would still be one if not for the cost. Even though we are told our brains are developing until the ripe age of 25; at 30, I was like a sponge…soaking it all in. Plus, life’s experiences allowed me to apply¬†what college professors were trying to teach me. We had some wonderfully heated discussions.

Insert children and now we really have a party going on. The life of a parent is invigorating yet exhausting at the best of times and down right painful at the worst.  There is nothing as joyful as watching your child accomplish something Рfrom rolling over to placing first in a competition. Just the same, there is nothing as gut wrenching as hearing them say they hate you. Not all children will resort to those nasty little words but everyone of mine has said them at one time in their life. They may not even remember doing it. Continue reading Hello world!